Saturday, April 7, 2012

In light of recent events, I feel like I've learned some important lessons:

1. The Lord will always answer your prayers. More often than not, in ways that you didn't expect. And the answer to your prayer may be the answer to someone else's completely different, but equally important one.

2. Be aware of your emotions. What you are feeling at any given moment. Recognize it and embrace it. If it is negative, embrace it only long enough to let it go. Don't deny anything that you may be feeling. Every emotion is an important part of learning about the very essence of yourself.

3. Along with the previous one, do not force an emotion upon yourself. In the wise words of Baron Baptiste, doing so would be like "forcing a rose to blossom". It's ok to have days full of sorrow, if we never reached the depths of sadness we would never soar to the very heights of joy and happiness.

4. People are beautiful and recognizing that beauty and passion in others will help you to find those things in yourself.

5. God knows what He's doing.

6. It doesn't matter if going out of your comfort zone seems small compared to what other people have done outside of their comfort zones. You are not other people.

7. Have a passion. Experience something so beautiful and amazing that you cannot possibly even begin to describe it to someone else.

8. Like the famous (or infamous?) song says...say what you need to say. Whether or not you use words to say it. Communicate with those you love. Very few things will bring you greater peace of mind. Do not worry about whether or not they will accept you. "Those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind."

9. Tell those who you love, that you do indeed love them. Tell them as frequently as possible. Even if you may not be in a loving frame of mind. You know that you still love them and it is important to remember that.

10. To quote some incredible people in my life, "sing your own song". We each have our own song to sing and we cannot change the pure melody of what it is. The key or the dynamics may change, but the melody is unfailing. If part of your song is being super emotional, then by golly sing it! If you need to occasionally listen to Taylor Swift and old Jesse McCartney then do! If marathons pull at your heartstrings then run for as long as you feel pulled. You are who you are and you need what you need. Don't try to change your song for anybody.

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