Friday, November 18, 2011


What a wonderful day! Watching the snow work it's magic can't be surpassed by much.

The snow on a brand new winters morn,
fills you with an indescribable feeling of hope and joy.
As you go throughout the day,
you can't help but look in awe at all that surrounds you.
Glistens, sparkles, ribbons of light-
reflect off the beautiful blanket and into your eyes,
radiating to all, the joy that is swelling inside.
can you stop this moment in time?
Make it last for eternity so that this hour never leaves?

Even in the midst of hard times and heartbreak,
the snow will still fall-
softly and whisper happiness in your ear.
A constant in a world of change.
I delight in the snow,
I delight in this joy,
I delight in this life.
I delight in He who has given me all and reason to rejoice
in the goodness that still remains
in this coarse world.

Gently, softly, sings my soul-
with the coming winter.