Sunday, October 16, 2011


This sudden shift in the weather also brings a shift in sentiments.
What is it about the chilly weather that somehow warms my soul?
Maybe it's knowing that no matter how cold i get outside, I can always come home to warm sweat and blankets.
Suddenly my heart becomes a reminiscent mess of autumns past.
And how each one has changed my life. Always for the better (if only sometimes in hindsight).
I can walk along a leaf-strewn path, look up at the branches covering the sky, take in the smells, all the while faces and events from years past flit in and out of my vision.
There's a change not only in the temperature, and color of the leaves, but in the very energy of the season that comes with the entrance of fall.
Trying to pinpoint exactly what it is would be like trying to capture the whole essence of the ocean in one water bottle.
But continuing curiosity and the small discovery of little gems can still bring satisfaction.
"Not all who wander are lost."
Still, I am convinced that the fall season is God's way of stirring up our souls so that thoughts we believed were lost find themselves at the top of our minds once again.
We are reminded that there are complexities in our life that cannot be ignored.
Peace, though, is the backbone of the season. Never confusion.
Thank you, October.