Sunday, February 27, 2011

someday it will come.
an unexpected train into the night. and then day.

finding what was not lost- but forgotten for but a small moment, that is a blink in the realm of eternity.
a blessing with unrealized words. until later years when growth beckons new understanding.

it will not come with a loud brass band. but a solo instrumentalist.

piercing the soul, softening the mind, cradling the heart.
what seems an impossible piece to play-
will slowly find it's way into the essence of your being. becoming more than the perfect performance.
in time it will become ageless. timeless. breathless.
not today, perhaps.
but someday- someday it will come.
and we must not lose hope.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Who says it has to be summer to make delicious citrusy treats?
How about some lemon cookies? Mmm? Unfortunately I didn't have any nuts. But I did add a generous helping of the fresh lemon/orange juice (there is no equivalent to fresh).
And I added some oats. I swear you can add those to almost anything and it tastes splendid.
I was also craving some chocolate really bad so I made my own magic shell creation to dip the cookies in after they had baked.
With some
1. coconut oil
2. confectioner's sugar
3. a small amount of butter and
4. of course some cocoa powder.
No measurements required, just whatever looks good to you- and then melt in a pan.
It hardened quite nicely and tasted a little bit like heaven on earth.

Wintertime is exquisite, but sometimes we all need a little reminder that summer is always around the corner.
To create, to savor, to remember.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

try easy

i firmly believe that taking care of my body physically increases my spiritual and emotional stamina.
today i concluded my week with 48 miles.
i haven't done that since before the top of utah marathon last september!
i'm feeling pretty good. sore- but fantastic.
it's really an incredible thing what your body can do. don't think about how hard it might be.
don't try hard, try easy. it's not always as complicated as you might make it out to be in your mind.
be smart of course, but don't be too logical.
i can't believe how good i feel. life is incredible. my heart might burst through my chest for how full it is.
ironic really that i've been running in a quaint little town called providence this week.
for i've seen the providence of the Lord in every tree, leaf, and pebble.

what are the tender mercies that you've seen in your life this week?

Monday, February 7, 2011

there are times when you need to do what you need to do. doing what has to be done so that you no longer feel like a big bird in a too small cage. longing to sing but not knowing where to find the source of such internal music.

words cannot describe the fantastic feeling of first, uncomfortably finding a way to push out of the cage, and then finally breaking free. becoming instead a very small bird with the whole world at it's wingtips.

some may look at the cage and scoff saying "sometimes awful things must be endured" and i will agree and say "yes. only if these awful things will conclude in sweet nourishment for the bird".

"Trust thyself- every heart vibrates to that iron string."

-Ralph Waldo Emerson