Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sometimes you find a song that, as soon as it starts playing, awakens something inside of you. 
It's a little bit strange, and extremely unexplainable. 
You can be feeling something something mildly, and then when you turn on the song, you feel that same thing but times one million stronger. Or it can change your mood almost completely around. 
The funny thing is, that same song will make another person feel absolutely nothing, while you're on the ride of your life!
And for me, the key component to a song is the soul that you can feel coming from the artist(s).  Even if the song is simple, I can always tell when an artist really means and feels something deeper than their lyrics. Or if they are using an instrument to paint their soul for you (a voice is an instrument too).
This song is what's on more than a few times a day this week. Turned up very loud. Some people dislike or even hate Owl City, because his lyrics are weird, his voice sounds auto-tuned, he's only popular with twelve-year old girls, blah blah blah, etc., etc. But I don't care, I've loved Adam Young for years and will continue to do so without shame. Not only do I admire his outward showing of his Christian beliefs, but something about his music speaks to me and I. love. it.
Today, listening to this song, I feel empowered, wanted, needed, and influential. It also makes me want to go run my heart out, but I already did that today and I don't think my knees would thank me if I did it again.
Think of the music you listen to, doesn't matter what it is, but do you love it? Like, really love it? If the answer is no, then why are you listening to it?

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  1. i love Owl City! And yes, people do think i'm weird because of it. whatever. He is great